Our goal - To provide access to Medical Care, at a time of financial crisis.

Our mission - "to do our best to insure that no one goes without medical care because of inability to pay for it."

We are a non-profit organization which provides medical care for those who qualify by meeting our financial guidelines.  Care is provided by a network of local health care providers who have agreed not to charge AAUCP clients for their professional services. Participating providers
are reimbursed, by AAUCP, at cost, for out of pocket expenses.  Certification of care under AAUCP requires meeting financial guidelines, and is required prior to initiating care.  Financial screening provided by Douglas County Social Services  (320) 762-3842  Limitations: We do not provide emergency care or assistance to anyone receiving Medical Assistance  For more information call Douglas County Social Services (320) 762-2302 or W.G. Heegaard, Program Director (320) 763-5979  or   All services are free of charge and confidential.
Greg Trumm RPh - President
Brian Carlsen MD - Vice President
W.G. Heegaard MD - Sec/Treasurer
Deborah Dittberner MD
Scott Hegstad MD
Sandra L. Johnson MD
Susan Meland MD
Ruth Nagle
Holly Witt, Bremer/Otto Bremer Foundation
Bill Flaig, Douglas County Hospital
Tim Hunt, Alexandria Clinic PA
Sheila Kelly, Douglas County Social Services
Daniel Jones, Broadway Medical Center
Support provided by:  United Way of Douglas/Pope Counties, First Lutheran Church Parish Health, The Bremer Foundation, Douglas County Social Services, Alexandria Clinic, PA, Local Health Care Providers and Individual Contributions, Operation RoundUp (REA), Douglas County Hospital Auxiliary, The Alexandria Area Community Foundation, The Wedum Foundation, Tastefully Simple,  Contributions are tax-deductible and are appreciated. (AAUCP is a 501 c 3 non-profit corp)